Pupils will first be introduced to the concept of acids and alkalis and examples of each. They will then use universal indicator to test different substances for their acidity/alkalinity, before making their own indicator using red cabbage! Finally, pupils will put their knowledge to the test by carrying out a number of chemical reactions involving acids and alkalis.

Suitable for school years 1-6.

This workshop can be tailored to cover a range of concepts depending on the age of the pupils or what ties in with the topics studied as part of their own school curriculum. Pupils can carry out a series of experiments that cover concepts such as reactions producing gases, the effect of heat on substances, the reactions of substances with oxygen and rates of reaction. When booking this workshop, please use the Further Comments section on the booking form to describe how you would like the Abingdon Science Partnership to tailor this workshop to your needs.

Suitable for school years 1-6.

In this workshop, students will act as crime science investigators and run a series of tests to determine which of the suspects in a kidnapping are guilty. First, students will use flame tests to investigate a powder found with the ransom note, then chromatography will be used to identify the ink in suspects’ pens, and finally students will carry out gas chromatography to investigate the oily substances found on suspects. 

Suitable for school years 3-6.

The Lab Skills workshop focuses on giving older primary pupils a chance to experience a secondary school science lab and to practise some of the skills they will need to learn practical science confidently from Key Stage 3 onwards. The workshop can be adapted in various ways, to include activities relevant to safe working in any of the main science subjects, including microscopy and electric circuits as well as Bunsen burners and glassware.

Suitable for school years 5 and 6.

This workshop is an example of a bespoke workshop developed in response to a specific request from a primary school. Abingdon Science Partnership staff are always willing to consider such requests to fit with particular termly or whole school themes you may be covering. In the Iron Man workshop, the pupils investigated some of the ideas about the physical properties of materials and factors affecting rusting through hands-on activities not normally possible in a primary classroom. Please ask us if you have any ideas for topics where we could enhance learning through scientific investigation. 

Suitable for school years 1 and 2.

This workshop covers aspects of the National Curriculum Science Rocks and Soils topic through lab based investigations.  These include observations of a wide variety of rock samples; separation and filtration of soils and discussion of the process of fossilisation by comparing modern and fossilised sea shells. There are also dinosaurs!

Suitable for school years 3 and 4.