In this activity, children will set up pitfall traps for minibeasts, bring some inside to study and identify, and learn about their habitats.

In the box:

  • Hand trowel and fork [10 pairs]
  • Plastic beakers for pitfall traps [15]
  • Lolly stick and petri dish trap covers [15]
  • Eye glasses
  • Trays [16]
  • Guide to shieldbugs [15] 
  • Ladybird and praying mantis life cycle models
  • Folder containing:
    • Story
    • Plan
    • Worksheets 
    • Spot it! Minibeast ID worksheets 
    • Passports
    • Stickers
    • ASP risk assessment

Digital copies of the activity plan and worksheets created by ASP can be found here.

(This photo does not show the full quantity of the equipment in the box.)