Sunningwell Primary School pupils investigate the CREST Star Brilliant Bubbles activity at home

A Sunningwell Primary pupil investigates the CREST Star Music Maker activity

2 April 2020 Sunningwell Primary Rainbow Collectors

Sunningwell Primary School children rose to the Rainbow Collectors challenge described in our Primary Short Lesson Plans section on our Activities for Home and School page.

Crafty Rafts

Check out the Crafty Rafts instructions from the British Science Association or head to the CREST Superstar website for even more ideas.

Crafty rafts

Beat the Flood

Working as a team pupils design and make a model of a home able to withstand the effects of flooding, then test it by blasting it with a hose pipe! Find out more from Practical Action.

Stop the Spread

Pupils research infectious diseases and find innovative ways to communicate the importance of hand washing to primary school pupils in Kenya.

Stop the Spread

And working as a team pupils design, build and test a model of a device that can capture and dispense water for hand washing for a school in Kenya. Find out more from Practical Action.