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The resources in the CREST equipment boxes are inspired by the CREST Star Investigator Award scheme designed by the British Science Association. You can learn more about the Star Awards here. The CREST Star activities are aimed at 5-7-year olds, ASP has run them with students in Years 1-3. To receive the award, students must complete eight activities – these can be recorded in the CREST Star Passport, which we can supply for you (just let us know in the booking form). When all eight activities are completed, email us and we’ll send off for your certificates and badges!

Where possible we will cater for up to 30 students, but for some of the more specialised equipment this will not always be possible and it remains the responsibility of the school to follow their own protocols on COVID-safe use of equipment. The equipment boxes will include: the resources, a suggested plan or set of instructions, an associated risk assessment, and a kit list detailing the quantities of each item.

To book any of the CREST boxes, please complete this form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.